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Beautiful Web Type

In October 2018 I released a completely re-thought and re-designed version of this project. The new version aims to provide a complete look at each typeface, cataloging all the available weights and styles, the full glyph set, the kerning quality, OpenType features, recommended pairings and more. I will highlight only typefaces that show a high level of quality.

The original version of the site is archived here:


8 Apr 2023

22 Nov 2020

  • Added Fraunces.
  • Added pairing example for Fraunces and Libre Franklin.
  • Added pairing example for Messapia and Inter.

21 Nov 2020

  • Added Inter.
  • Updated glyph inspector to include plain text character in sidebar for easier copying.

23 May 2020

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Featured typefaces

All typefaces are licensed under the SIL Open Font License.

Suggesting Typefaces

I'm happy to receive suggestions for typefaces via a GitHub issue. When sending suggestions please include an example or two of the typeface in use. This helps me to make an initial evaluation of the typeface.

Local development

To work with the site locally, start the Jekyll server and watch the Sass files with:

rake s