A showcase of the best typefaces from the Google web fonts directory.
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A completely new version of Beautiful Web Type will launch this fall.

It will take the initial idea much further, with significantly more detail on each typeface. It will also include typefaces from outside the Google fonts collection.

Get notified when it launches: https://tinyletter.com/beautifulwebtype

Beautiful web type

There are over 600 typefaces in the Google web fonts directory. Many of them are awful. But there are also high-quality typefaces that deserve a closer look. Here are examples of these typefaces in action.

View the samples: https://beautifulwebtype.com

Please note: the above URL is the only correct URL for this project. There are copies being hosted on other domains that I do not control.

Featured typefaces

Local development

To view and update the repo locally, start the Jekyll server and watch the Sass files with:

rake serve