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gen3-client is a command-line tool for downloading, uploading, and submitting data files to and from a Gen3 data commons.

Read more about what it does and how to use it in the gen3-client user guide.

gen3-client is built on Cobra, a library providing a simple interface to create powerful modern CLI interfaces similar to git & go tools. Read more about Cobra here.


First, install Go and the Go tools if you have not already done so. Set up your workspace and your GOPATH.


go get -d
go install

TODO: Remove after GitHub repo is renamed For now, the above actually won't work because the GitHub repo needs to be renamed. Do this instead:

mkdir -p $GOPATH/src/
cd $GOPATH/src/
git clone
mv /cdis-data-client /gen3-client
cd gen3-client
go get -d ./...
go install .