GUI text-based speech and music editor for creating radio/audio stories
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Integrated Radio/Audio Editor




Text-based speech editor

  • Text/speech alignment
  • Standard cut/copy/paste/delete metaphors
  • Pause and breath identification and insertion
  • Duplicate sentence detection

Music selection

Music remixing


The speech editor app has the client/server model. The client--the javascript web app--is responsible for all of the interaction. As you edit the speech, the web app changes the underlying state of the audio composition. Then, to actually generate the audio for the composition, the web app sends a request to the server (/reauthor) to build the audio.


speecheditor.js - main front-end javascript code

Defines TAAPP, a global variable that controls the state of the app. Key functions of TAAPP include loadSite, newProject, generateAudio, createUnderlay, and drawScript. Most of the functions in this file have fairly descriptive names.

Here are the key things that happen when the site loads (this can be found at the end of the file):

// launch the project creation modal dialog
    show: (speech === "")
.click(function () {

// start a new project if it was specified in the url
if (speech !== "") {

// initialize everything that doesn't depend on the speech track

edible - timeline and waveform plugin

edible is a jquery-ui plugin that I wrote to represent the waveforms and timeline in the interface. There are a few different kinds of waveforms in the app: edible.musicWaveform.js, edible.textAlignedWaveform.js, edible.waveform.js, all of which inherit from edible.wfBase.js. There's also edible.timeline.js, which is the timeline itself.

The waveforms are rendered as html5 canvas objects. - manage the text areas that contain speech

textAreaManager (often referred to as TAM throughout the code) manages the text areas in the UI. These contain the text that can be edited. It's responsible for editing and highlighting the text as the audio plays.

You can, for example, see the keyboard shortcuts defined in the ScriptArea constructor. This gives you a sense of what you can do within a textarea.

The TAM is created in the TAAPP.reset function in speecheditor.js.

musicbrowser - sub-app for the music browser

This folder contains the entire music browser app. - python back-end

This is the main server for the web app. Its primary functions are to serve the static web app pages, and to generate audio (and do any intense background processing, like music retargeting).

  • /: serves the main web app (index.html)
  • /reauthor: generates the complete audio for the edited story (activated by rendering/pressing play/pressing enter in the web app)
  • /download/<name>: used to download generated audio (activated by download button in web app)
  • /dupes: detect duplicate lines in script (activated when a script is loaded in the web app)
  • /changepoints/<song_name>: finds music change points in a song
  • /underlayRetarget...: generates a retargeted musical underlay for the story
  • /uploadSong: uploads and analyzes a song
  • /alignment/<name>: return the pre-computed transcript-to-speech alignment for the speech track