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📉Gradient Descent Visualiser (WIP)

Heyo there! This repository holds the code for our micro-lesson on gradient descent. The goal of this micro-lesson is twofold: firstly, to introduce the concept of gradient descent to students (grounded in intuition rather than pure math), and secondly, to connect that intuition to generalizable calculus concepts. Ideally, we want this lesson to be equally accessible (through good pedagogy), engaging (through good design), and informative (through good content).

Since this is still very much a work-in-progress, the code quality, documentation, and production-readiness is ... lacking. Don't worry, we'll make the project more presentable in due time!

This web-app is a collaboration between ACM Teach LA and ACM AI; it was primarily developed with our joint AI/ML course that we teach to high schoolers in mind. an interactive mini-app introducing the concept of gradient descent