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Learning Labs Summer Crash Course (Summer '20)

License: MIT License: CC BY 4.0 Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License logo

Hey there! This is a repository that contains all of the notes for ACM @ UCLA's Learning Labs Crash Course, which we held online during the summer of 2020. We developed this series to give developers with zero prior web development experience enough of a primer to make high-quality beautiful and interactive front-end applications.

While these notes are a good starting point, simply reading through all of these notes is not nearly enough to become a pro web developer! We aimed to give enough of a foundational background and a primer into each relevant area; however, to make great web applications, developers need to practice aggressively.

Table of Contents


And two tasks:

  1. Make a portfolio website!
  2. Make a to-do list!

You can also find recorded videos of our summer sessions on the ACM YouTube channel, in this playlist.

Licensing and Attribution

These notes were mostly written by Matthew Wang (@mattxwang) and Leo Krashanoff (@krashanoff). Many thanks to our guest lecturers, Tomoki and Karen. They would like to also thank ACM Hack, the Mozilla Developer Network, and W3Schools, for providing inspiration for some of these notes.

These notes are published with the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (link to legal), and all of the code samples with the MIT License. You are free to use them however you wish. If you do, let us know - we'd love to know how you used them, and how we can make them better.