Docker configuration to run new/s/leak
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Docker configuration to run new/s/leak


Install docker.

Checkout this repository.

git clone
cd newsleak-docker

You may want to edit the postgres.env file to setup your own db password.

nano postgres.env

Set up docker network. Newsleak needs to see the Hoover docker containers. Thus change the network prefix of newsleak hoover_default to whatever your hoover network name is join the hoover network. The network name is usually derived from the directory your Hoover docker-setup resides in.

nano docker-compose.yml

Start containers.

docker-compose up -d

Data import

Newsleak is closely integrated with Hoover, a software suite to extract texts from large collections of documents. We assume that you already have an instance of Hoover running on your machine which has imported the collection testcollection. To setup Hoover and extract texts from your collection, please follow the instructions on this page: Hoover Docker Setup.

  1. Once Hoover is running, edit volumes/ui/ to configure newsleak. First, copy it to the volume location ./volumes/ui/conf and set write permissions.
docker exec -it newsleakdocker_newsleak-ui_1 cp -r /opt/newsleak/preprocessing/conf /etc/settings
docker exec -it newsleakdocker_newsleak-ui_1 chmod -R 777 /etc/settings/conf
  1. Then, open the file with your favorite text editor, e.g. nano.
nano volumes/ui/conf/

You may use the example data or copy your own data files into the volumes/ui folder and point to them in the properties file. If you changed the db password in the previous step, change it in the properties file, too.

To select which languages newsleak should process, set processlanguages to a list of ISO 639-3 codes in the properties file.

For very long documents, newsleak can split texts into paragraphs of a certain minimum length. To enable splitting of document texts set paragraphsasdocuments=true

You also can use additional dictionaries to annotate your texts. Place dictionary text files (format: one term per line) into volumes/ui/conf/dictionaries. The dictionary category label will be inferred from the dictionary textfile name, e.g. fck.eng containing a list of English swear words, one per line, can be used to annotate occurrence of those swear words with the label FCK.

  1. Run preprocessing for information extraction.
docker exec -it newsleakdocker_newsleak-ui_1 sh -c "cd /opt/newsleak/preprocessing && java -Xmx10g -jar target/preprocessing-0.9-jar-with-dependencies.jar -c /etc/settings/conf/"

Open the UI application in your browser


Login into the browser application with the credentials user and password. To set your own credentials, edit the file application.conf in the newsleak-ui container (see next section).


Newsleak is supposed to run on a local system or network without any internet connection to guarantee the confidentiality of your data. We strongly advise for the following procedding:

With internet connection:

  1. Install the Hoover docker setup and import the Hoover test collection.
  2. Install the Newsleak docker setup and import the testcollection extracted by Hoover.
  3. If everything works fine, disconnect form the internet.
  4. Copy your data to the Hoover collection directory.
  5. Import your as a new Hoover collection.
  6. Import the new Hoover collection into Newsleak.
  7. Set credentials for the newsleak app.
  8. Now you are fine analyzing your content.


  1. Not enough RAM: Preprocessing will be slow or even abort, if your Docker setup has not enough memory. Allow to use at least 8 GB.
  2. Different docker container names: docker-compose will use the directory name containing docker-compose.yml as a prefix for orchestrated containers (some special characters such as dashes are removed from the directory name beforehand). If you have placed it in a directory other than newsleak-docker, mynewsleak for instance, you need to change the commands above accordingly. Replace newsleakdocker_newsleak-ui_1 with mynewsleak_newsleak-ui_1 in steps 1 and 3.
  3. Different docker network name: The newsleak docker containers need to share a virtual network with the Hoover containers. This is configured in the docker-compose.yml of newsleak. If your Hoover resides in a directory other tahn hoover, e.g. hoover2, then change the network name from hoover_default to hoover2_default and restart the containers docker-compose restart