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#Markdown Vim Mode# This is a Vim syntax file for the Markdown text-to-HTML conversion tool.

If you would like to submit patches to vim-markdown, development is hosted on Github.

Updated 12/26/2009: Fixed bugs

Updated 5/18/2009: Numerous link and emphasis fixes.

Updated 4/29/2008: Now at version 8, which really fixes matching bold and underline characters inside of words.

Updated 3/1/2008: Now at version 7, which fixes several bugs, most thanks to David Wolever:

  • Don't match bold and underline characters inside of words.
  • Don't match code blocks that aren't preceded by a blank line.
  • Fix double back-tick code blocks without a back-tick inside of them.
  • Fix # headings being matched anywhere in the line.
  • Match pre and code tags.

Updated 9/1/2006: Now at version 6, which enables spellchecking in Vim 7 and adds highlighting for reference-style links thanks to Will Norris.

Updated 12/1/2005: Now at version 5, which fixes numbered headings being highlighted as list items and horizontal rules being highlighted as headings. Thanks to Stephen Haberman.

Updated 8/24/2005: Now at version 4, which fixes stuff in parentheses being highlighted when not part of a link structure. Thanks to Richard Newman.

Updated 5/4/2005: Now at version 3, which fixes a problem with indented lists being highlighted as code blocks. Thanks Swaroop.

Updated 3/21/2005: Now at version 2, which includes better matching for bold and italics.