Release 2.9.9

@ukanth ukanth released this May 2, 2018 · 2 commits to beta since this release

Version 2.9.9

Support for dual apps-experimental
DNS Hostname option on log toast(donate feature)
Multiple memory leaks across screens.
Block log notification now moved under individual app detail screen
Enabled log cache for faster load.
Widgets now ask for password if enabled (except status widget)

Shortcut open rules & preference screen without password.
Fingerprint related issues
SElinux deny for startup script
User reported crash fixes.
Updated string translations
Added default system language option.
Log notification name issue

Version 2.9.8

@ukanth ukanth released this Jan 12, 2018 · 73 commits to beta since this release


Option to disable notification when applying rules - Recommended to turn on !
Added magisk related information in the error report
Fixed storage permission on export from rules
Pixel 2 bug on netfilter error on start
Rare preference crash on some devices
Upgraded runtime to Java 8
Updated support libraries
Fixed crashes upon loading
Fixed user reported bugs
Removed buggy quick apply -- Sincere Apologies! will add it after testing with various usecases

Version 2.9.7

@ukanth ukanth released this Nov 1, 2017 · 93 commits to beta since this release

Control default chains for ipv4 and ipv6
Quick apply - Donate ONLY!
Shows count when applying rules
Search by UID
Improved su detect
Ability to select init.d
Use storage permission only required
Xposed plugin for Nougat
Library updates

Bug Fixes:
Added mount applet for busybox (init.d bug)
Widget, tasker toggle issue for profiles
Out of memory crashes
Rare runtime crashes due to incompatible libraries
Lots of minor bug fixes
Possible fix for startup rules apply


@ukanth ukanth released this Aug 17, 2017 · 159 commits to beta since this release


  • Removed BIND_ADMIN permission and related device admin feature as per Google's instruction - Will be introduced after analyzing the requirement
  • ANR issues due to busybox detection
  • Minor UI changes in tasker plugin
  • Tasker plugin related bugs related to disable/enable firewall
  • User reported crash fixes

Release 2.9.6

@ukanth ukanth released this Jul 26, 2017 · 169 commits to beta since this release

  • LAN/Data leak issues on 7.x
  • Application list refresh issue
  • Minor fix in startupscript - Thanks Peake
  • Updated support libraries
  • Reported crash fixes
  • Updated translations

Version 2.9.5

@ukanth ukanth released this Jun 4, 2017 · 185 commits to beta since this release

Version 2.9.5

  • Mobile data support for newer devices
  • Custom interval for startup delay
  • Custom interval for ping timeout
  • Low priority notification
  • Fixed issue with import preference crashes Log/Experimental preference
  • User reported crashes

Version 2.9.4

@ukanth ukanth released this Apr 2, 2017 · 195 commits to beta since this release

Version 2.9.4

  • Fix log notification stops after sometime
  • Fix crash on log preferences.
  • mDNS notification can be turned-off
  • Bug in notification filterering
  • Added back x86/mips built-in binary support
  • Minor UI change for UID
  • Updated support Libraries
  • Updated translations

Full changelog:

Version 2.9.3

@ukanth ukanth released this Feb 26, 2017 · 208 commits to beta since this release

  • Fix crash on log preferences.
  • Traffic stats always shown empty.
  • Zoom icons on firewall rules.

Version 2.9.2

@ukanth ukanth released this Feb 22, 2017 · 216 commits to beta since this release


  • Log- Network options-Donate(TX @vzool)
  • Fingerprint support (TX @vzool)
  • Preserve Zoom size(+/-)
  • Profiles-delete/rename profiles(+)
  • Hardware search key
  • LAN issue on Nougat
  • Boot rules issue
  • Logservice start issue
  • Notification glitch on profile switch
  • Log notification filter button not showing
  • Optimizing logTarget detection
  • Removed toybox check due to ANR
    • etc.
  • Busybox to latest
  • Removed x86/mips support
  • Support libraries,translation updates

Version 2.9.1

@ukanth ukanth released this Nov 28, 2016 · 331 commits to beta since this release

  • Boot/Connectivity change rules hung on some devices
  • Widget always display errors
  • Optimized number of su calls
  • Log Service does not work on some devices (Reboot or enable/disable logservice after install)
  • Update material dialog library
  • Updated translations