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This is SMTInterpol, an interpolating SMT-solver developed at the university of Freiburg. You can find more information on the website


To compile SMTInterpol you need:

  • Java (at least version 1.6)
  • Apache ant

SMTInterpol comes with an ant build file that compiles the sources into a bin folder (will be created by the build), and creates a standalone jar. You can run it with



To run SMTInterpol from command line you need the standalone jar. Run it as

java -jar smtinterpol.jar

and pass the necessary commands to the standard input of this process. Alternatively you can specify a SMTLIB 2 script file as argument to the process. In either case, SMTInterpol will parse and execute commands until it an exit command or the end of the input stream.

Integration into Eclipse

The source distribution of SMTInterpol is an Eclipse project. If you want to use this project, you can easily import it into Eclipse as "Existing Project into Workspace".

Reporting Bugs

You can report bugs using the bug-tracker at github. Please provide all needed information. This includes:

  • a description of the bug (e.g., crash, unsoundness, or feature-request),
  • a way to reproduce the bug (e.g., an interaction log with the solver via the LoggingScript provided with the sources).
(declare-fun in (using) SMTInterpol)