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PhysTrack Logo Welcome to the PhysTrack Wiki!

About PhysTrack

PhysTrack is a Matlab based video tracking solution for analyzing kinematics of moving bodies. Since Matlab is a very popular analysis tool in physics laboratories around the globe, we have tried to combine the robustness of Matlab computation power with such a friendly user interface which can be found in commercial video tracking software.

Purpose of this wiki

This wiki aims to provide a comprehensive document on the working and usage of PhysTrack found at this GIT. Although most of the code already includes in-line comments, the overall working of major functions, scripts and GUIs has been explained in different sections of this wiki. A PDF version of this wiki can be downloaded from This Link.

Getting started

You are only a couple of steps away from using PhysTrack for your own experiments.

  • Download and extract the latest PhysTrack source from this link. It also contains some additional experiment scripts which serve as an example for creating your own experiments.

  • Also, choose and download a sample video from the this link.

  • Open Matlab and change the current directory to the downloaded package. You should see the "+PhysTrack" and "GUIs" directory along with some "analyze motion" scripts in the current address window.

  • Depending upon the type of experiment required, select any script from the window and run it. (Or you can type in the name of that experiment in the command window and hit "Enter".

  • The scripts are designed to be user interactive. They communicate with the user through GUI's and message boxes and guide through the whole process. The script will also ask to load the experiment video you downloaded in the previous steps.

  • Once done, peruse the sample scripts, which are well commented, and try to understand how you can modify the codes for your own experiment. This wiki contains help on all the functions used in the sample scripts.

  • Capture your own experiment's video and start making robust video tracking experiment scripts.

About us

The whole work is an effort of PhysLab, LUMS, Pakistan. Kindly feel free to contact in case you wish to contribute in the development and improvement of this library.


M. Umar Hassan, M. Sabieh Anwar

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