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🥔 Simple CSS framework for hackers. Simple as potato.
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Simple CSS framework for hackers. Simple as potato.

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🥔 PotatoCSS is a beautiful CSS framework for hackers: boasting a responsive 12 column grid, ready to use built-in forms and buttons, it's clean, simple and easy-to-use.


PotatoCSS can be installed via the methods below,

  • Manual: Download
  • via NPM: npm install potato-css
  • via git: git clone

How to use

Just grab potato.css or potato.min.css from the /stylesheets/css folder and shove it where you store the CSS files for your project.

Demo can be found at

Alternately, you can find examples and snippets to use with PotatoCSS in the example folder.

📢 SASS / LESS versions are still in development

Browser Support

The following details are estimates, assume evergreen browser support for now.

  • Chrome : ALL
  • Firefox : 3.5+
  • Safari : 3.2+
  • Opera : 11+
  • Opera Mini : ALL
  • Edge : ALL
  • Internet Explorer : 9+

Building The Code

To build the code, follow these steps.

  1. Ensure that NodeJS is installed. This provides the platform on which the build tooling runs.
  2. From the project folder, execute the following command:
npm install
  1. To build the code from SCSS version, you can now run:
gulp build-sass
  1. To build the code from LESS version, you can now run:
gulp build-less
  1. You will find the compiled code in the stylesheets and js folders.
  2. To watch changes while develop, you can now run:
gulp default

# It will start watching process and local server with livereloading
  1. To test changes in compiled stylesheets, you can now run:
gulp test-css
# or
npm test


Please read the repository's 🗒 contributing guide for more information on how you can help.


PotatoCSS is licensed under the MIT License.


PotatoCSS was created for Hacktoberfest by Edvins Antonovs. You can find more details in this blog post.

🎉 Big thanks to all the contributors.

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