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UNA Platform

Unified Networking Applications

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UNA is a Community Management System. The core platform is a full-stack framework for independent community websites and apps. With UNA content management, collaboration, e-commerce, learning and communication modules - aka UNA Apps - you can create communities of all types—from small interest groups to global social media networks.


Key Features

  • Unlimited Scalability: Hundreds, thousands or millions - get as many users as your hosting can handle. UNA won't limit you.
  • Absolute Control: You own the data, you set the rules, you lead the community. We give you the tools and support.
  • Permissive License: MIT - the license allowing unrestricted commercial and private use, distribution and modification..
  • Continious Improvement: Regular security, performance and feature updates for the core platform, apps and integrations.
  • Collective Innovation: Improvements and revisions initiated and co-funded by the platform users community.
  • Integrations-Friendly: Intergate 3rd-party services as UNA apps or use UNA REST API to talk to your external apps.
  • Secure-By-Design: Full-site SSL encryption, SPD development, regular service updates and vulnurability audits.
  • Compliance Readiness: We offer HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA (and any other regulations) compliance preparation service.


To install and run UNA platform, you'll need to a web-hosting server or you can use UNA Cloud hosting for instant launch.


You can download the latest installable version of UNA Core and install to your server. You will need to create an UNA.IO account and link it with UNA Studio to install and update UNA Apps.

Support & Development

UNA is managed by Yasko.Studio team and developed with the help of UNA Community.



Twitter @unaplatform