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This repository contains all assets used to test, build, and deploy the Drupal application. This repository extends the unb-libraries/docker-drupal base image, which deploys nginx and php-fpm in the service container.

How To Deploy

Local deployment, development and testing is accelerated via dockworker, our unified framework of Robo commands that streamline local development of our application on Linux or OSX.

Step 1: Install Dependencies

In your local development environment, several 'one time' dependency installations are required to deploy this application. Some or all of these may already be installed in your environment.

Step 2: Deploy

With all dependencies installed, you are ready to deploy the application locally and and begin development:

composer install
vendor/bin/dockworker deploy

And that's it! The application will build and deploy in your local environment.

If you work with unb-libraries applications often, you may also consider installing a dockworker alias, which avoids referencing vendor/bin for each dockworker command.

Other useful commands

Run vendor/bin/dockworker to list available dockworker commands for this application.

Author / Licensing

  • Developed by UNB Libraries
  • This work is published through our strong commitment to making as much of our development/workflow as possible freely available.
  • Consequently, the contents of this repository [unb-libraries/] are licensed under the MIT License. This license explicitly excludes:
    • Any website content, which remains the exclusive property of its author(s).
    • The UNB logo and any of the associated suite of visual identity assets, which remains the exclusive property of the University of New Brunswick.
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