Augment JavaScript arrays with Ruby array methods, using Proxies
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Augment JavaScript arrays with Ruby array methods, using Proxies.


This package is not in yet, so for now it can be installed directly from this repository.

$ npm install


For complete documentation, visit

To load the entire rbjs library, which includes all the available methods:

import rbjs from 'rbjs';

In order to use Ruby array methods on JavaScript arrays, the array needs to be proxied by passing it to the rbjs function.

const array = rbjs([1, 2, 3]);
// `array` now contains all the implemented Ruby array methods

array.count(2); // => 1

Using individual methods

The methods can also be used on their own, without importing the entire rbjs library. This is done by importing the method definition directly.

import count from 'rbjs/methods/count';

count([1, 2, 3], 2); // => 1

The caveat of using rbjs this way is that the array to operate on needs to be passed as the first argument to the method being used.

ES5 build

If you want to use the ES5 build of this library, they can be imported from the es5 subdirectory.

const rbjs = require('rbjs/es5');
const count = require('rbjs/es5/methods/count');


Thanks for wanting to contribute to this project! Please follow these steps:

  1. Open an issue in this repository about the contribution to be made
  2. Fork and clone this repository
  3. Install dependencies (npm install)
  4. Add your contributions ❤️
  5. Write tests for your added contributions
  6. Open a pull request to this repository


MIT License