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Programmable 3D rubik's cube solver and emulator
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Rubik's Cube

The most famous puzzle of the world.

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  • Python 2
  • VPython
  • pygame (Install using pip install pygame)


The app is able to do the following:

  • Solve the rubik's cube game
  • Give the output algorithm for an unsolved Rubik's cube
  • Interactive guide for noobs :>

Although the generated algorithm may not be the best in the world, I assure you, it is a very good algorighm out there :-)


Run python in your command prompt/terminal to start the program.

However, you might want to modify for providing commands.

  • c.action(algorithm) would apply algorithm (For e.g., algorithm='F2 L2 U R') to the cube.
  • c.solve() will give the algorithm to solve the cube.
  • Therefore, c.action(c.solve() will solve the rubik's cube.
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