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This repository serves as a collection/library of personal applescripts. In creating this library, I wanted to make these scripts universal rather than application specific, however many of them are specific to my needs.

Script Categories


  • Caffeine App (or here) - a menu bar application that prevents your monitor from sleeping. (If you don't want an extra application in your menubar, here is a different way, and if you're on 10.8+ you can go ahead and use this command. Both work via do shell script.)
  • Location Helper - use core location in applescripts.
  • Twitter Scripter - interact with twitter via applescript.
  • Pandoc and Textutil - document conversion via the command line.
  • Youtube-Post.scpt requires GoogleCL, which is also useful for blogger, google calendar, and contacts
    • GoogleCL is sadly defunct. Any associated scripts remain for posterity.
  • I have also created a few Gists for more specific applescript/bash related tasks.
  • Also, check out my Alfred Workflows, including dued, which may be my favorite creation.

Other Applescript Resources/Libraries

A non-exhaustive list of interesting Applescript resources on Github:

Other useful Applescript resources/tutorials/etc:


If you have a script, snippet, or resource that you'd like me to include in this repo, feel free to open a new pull request!

If you want to support development, feel free to send me a buck or two!