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UIKit for the Mac, rewritten in Swift
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Chameleon-Swift is a version of the Chameleon Project rewritten in Swift.

WARNING: Use Apple's official implementation of UIKit for Mac (Catalyst or Marzipan) instead. This repository will no longer be updated.

About the Chameleon Project

The Chameleon Project was initially created by the Iconfactory as a framework to enable iOS developers to port their apps over to macOS while reusing most of their code. It includes a version of UIKit for the Mac, and various other iOS frameworks ported over to macOS. Chameleon opened an entirely new opportunity for iOS developers hoping to bring their apps to the Mac. However, Chameleon was last updated in early 2014, and is still based on iOS 3.2's APIs. Thus, Chameleon is facing incompatibility issues with apps written with the latest iOS APIs and the latest versions of macOS.

About Chameleon-Swift

Chameleon-Swift aims to completely rewrite the framework in Apple's Swift language, and update it for the latest versions of iOS and macOS APIs. Chameleon-Swift is a HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL PROJECT and not intended for production or commercial use just yet. The creators, project maintainers and copyright holders of this project DOES NOT, AND CANNOT INSURE THIS FRAMEWORK WILL WORK FLAWLESSLY WHEN IMPLEMENTED INTO YOUR OWN PRODUCTS.


Read the file included with this project.

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