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CMake Lists Generator

CMake Lists Generator is a simple CMakeLists.txt file generator.

  • Drag and Drop, drop your Code folder onto the exe to generate your CMakeLists file, or
  • Place next to your project file and double click
  • Uses a template file that you can edit called CMakeListTemplate.txt in the project folder
    • Note that you can either let cmakegen create it automatically the first time you run it or edit the provided file supplied in this package
CMakeGen does not generate or parse uber file structures.

Using CMakeGen.exe

Simply drop the exe anywhere you like, then drag and drop your Code folder onto CMakeGen.exe. Alternatively, you can place CMakeGen.exe in your project folder (above the Code folder) and run it. CmakeGen will traverse your Code folder directory structure and add any .cpp or .h files to sourcegroups for you. This will basically setup your Visual studio solution filters to match your file system directory structure.

This program is intended for small and/or early project development and testing and may not be suitable for larger or more serious projects.

Building from source

Project target is set to vc140, the build uses the filesystem TS library (C++17) so you will need an up to date compiler.

More information

For help or more information please look for the associated thread, or pm me (name Uni Bliss) on the Cry Engine ® forums.