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The Unigrid Foundation, UGD Software AB

The next natural step in the evolution of the Internet. A load balanced network that is completely anonymous and resistant to eavesdropping.

About Unigrid

Unigrid: Decentralizing the Digital World

Unigrid is a groundbreaking project aimed at reshaping the digital landscape by creating a decentralized, secure, and efficient network. Our mission is to establish a robust infrastructure that not only enhances connectivity but also upholds the principles of privacy and open-source development.

Key Features:

  • Decentralization at Its Core: Unigrid is designed to eliminate central points of failure, ensuring a resilient and uninterrupted service.
  • Security and Privacy Focused: We prioritize the security and privacy of users, implementing advanced protocols to protect data and communications.
  • Community-Driven Development: As an open-source project, Unigrid thrives on community involvement, welcoming contributions and innovations from around the globe.

Project Vision: Our vision is to democratize access to digital resources, making them universally accessible and controlled by the community rather than centralized entities. We aim to build a network that fosters innovation, facilitates seamless communication, and supports a wide range of decentralized applications (dApps).

Get Involved: Whether you're a developer, a tech enthusiast, or simply someone passionate about the decentralization movement, there's a place for you in the Unigrid community. Explore our repositories, contribute to our code, or join the conversation on our forums to help shape the future of the digital world.

Stay Connected: Follow our journey and stay updated with the latest developments:

Together, let's build a decentralized network that empowers individuals and transforms the way we interact with the digital world!


  1. daemon daemon Public

    Forked from HUZU-Project/HUZU

    Legacy daemon and wallet server for the UNIGRID distributed netowrk. An RPC client allows users to control the wallet features via CLI. A graphical interface is provided via the Janus wallet.

    C++ 2 3

  2. cosmos-daemon cosmos-daemon Public


  3. janus-java janus-java Public

    Frontend and wallet for the Unigrid network powered by JavaFX and Weld (CDI). Primarily developed to be used with the UNIGRID legacy daemon, Cosmos chain and Hedgehog network, but has a portable de…

    Java 1 4

  4. hedgehog hedgehog Public

    Hedgehog is a high-performant, QUIC-based, concurrent peer-to-peer treechain (blockchain) network built on top of Netty and Java NIO. It is the backbone for the next generation UNIGRID platform.

    Java 1 2

  5. unigrid-update unigrid-update Public

    The central update location for the Unigrid network.

  6. unigrid-cosmos-networks unigrid-cosmos-networks Public

    a testing repo for the unigrid chain

    Shell 1


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