Online newspaper built with Django
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tmb CodeFactor License

Source code for the newspaper and custom CMS. Single Page App newspaper and custom CMS for text and photo with a rest api, integrating print layout workflow with web publishing.

Backend Stack

  • Django Python web framework
  • Django REST Framework toolkit for building Web APIs
  • Docker Software container platform
  • uWSGI Python application server
  • Nginx HTTP and reverse proxy server
  • PostgreSQL Database server
  • OpenCV Computer vision and machine learning software library
  • Celery Distributed task queue
  • Redis An in-memory data structure store, used as cache
  • RabbitMQ Message broker
  • Pytest Full-featured Python testing tool

Frontend Stack

  • React.js JavaScript library for building user interfaces
  • Redux Predictable state container for JavaScript apps
  • Redux saga An alternative side effect model for Redux apps
  • Redux-First Router Seamless redux-first routing – just dispatch action
  • Ramda.js A practical functional library for JavaScript
  • Sass CSS extension language and preprocessor
  • Webpack Js and css module bundler
  • Express Minimalist web framework for Node.js
  • Jest Delightful JavaScript testing


storybooks demos of some of the react components.

Docker Hub

Our docker containers for frontend (react.js/express), backend(django) and database(postgresql).