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AUR public server (powered by AurBS)
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AUR public server (powered by AurBS)


How to add package(s) to the list?

  1. Edit the file pkgs :
  2. Add your package(s) at the end of the file using the same way as others (with a -). Please check if your package isn't already in the list.
  3. Commit changes and create a pull request.
  4. Wait for the owner accepts the pull request.
  5. Check current status of your package at

How to add the build server to my pacman?

1.Add these lines at the end of this file /etc/pacman.conf:

SigLevel = Never
Server =$arch

2.Update your repositories:

sudo pacman -Sy

Why my package hasn't been built?

You should check if there are any problem with your package :

If you need some help with your package(s), you can open issue.

How often packages are updated?

The packages are rebuild each 15 minutes if there are no build pending.

Is there an SLA?

Since this AUR build server is managed by only me, there is no SLA. The build server may go down from time to time (example: maintenance).

How to list AUR packages?

pacman -Qm
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