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Citrix Apps and Desktop - Session Module
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Citrix User Session Module

Get all user sessions from Citrix Apps and Desktops all query just one user.

This module query either specific Cirix Session (user) or server and gets information about users sessions such as:

  • Username
  • Client IP
  • Session ID
  • Network Latency
  • Screen Resolution


PS C:\> Get-CitrixUserSession -identity dave

Finds Daves session and then query specific server to gather information about Daves session


PS C:> Get-CitrixUserSession -ComputerName XenApp01

Displays all users sessions


PS C:> Get-CitrixUserSession -ComputerName XenApp01 -RemovePSSession

Displays all users sessions information and removes PSSession
Note that switch -RemovePSSession, removes Powershell session. This is done by creating PSSession to an remote machine
which has Citrix PSSnapIn installed or module which is required to run this module. Then this session is created on
your local machine so using -RemovePSSession does remove Powershell session. You will be prompted if function cannot
find Citrix Module/PSSnapIn on your local machine.

Current version is: 1.4.1
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