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Advanced Compact UnitRaidFrame
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Sommaire :

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  • Description

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  • Pictures :

  • Description :

Cet Addon will allow you to make various things, among them:

Create until 10 Groups of players and Each of its groups can welcome up to 15 players, the being first one or for a MT or to put a fake name for example on the screen the grey one with "Err".

Otherwise he is planned for in position 1 the MT and then the Assist Heal of this MT.

This will allow you to have a constant picture on Healers of your MT and your MT for better anticipated certain actions as one innervates or other still.

  • How To :

Type /xuf to know the various commands available.

Type one of these commands in the chat: /xuf config or /XtraUnitFrame config to open the interface of Configuration.

The 1st Slider at the top has left serves has to show the number of groups which you wish, thus of 1 until 10.

The 2nd Slider at the top has right serves has to choose the Group which you wish configure.

Fill compartments as you think best example: MT = Bob, Heal 1 = Carlos, Heal 2 = Sandy, Heal 2 = Mr Crabe, etc.

Mark or not the compartment AutoReload if you wish that the interface Reload after a protection (if your game crash and which you have not reload after your protection you will lose her, Note that this compartments is independant profiles but it backs up with the same button.)

*To move the groups, maintaining the touch CTRL then the left click to drag where you want.

*The addon takes care and activates the automatic Synchronization has the entrance to the Raid, and to close/deactivate when you leave it.

  • Possible saving, 2 Cases:
  1. New Profile you name it as you want and Save.

  2. Profile Already existing, you press simply on Save.

Maximum profil is limited for prevent crash of DropDownList.

If you wish to Load an existing Profile, Select in the list below has right and Load or via the minimap button in the list.

If you wish to Delete an existing Profile, Select it and Delete (he do not have to be Active.)

The button at the very top has left will serve you Synchronized your profile with the people of the Raid has condition that they have to activate the Synchronization or by typing /xuf sync or via the button MiniMap.

Furthermore, If you are Leader of the Raid or Promote, you can load and share quickly a profile existing directly via the button of the minimap.

You can switch Mana to Health or Health to Mana with rolling mouse on name/

Here is you can close the addon by clicking the little [x], the configuration is ended.

To Show or Hide the addon use the following commands: /xuf show et /xuf hide

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