A set of test programs run on a PS2, with accompanying results.
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A set of test programs run on a PS2, with accompanying results.

Readers of these tests can become more familiar with how to write homebrew and other software, and can become more familiar with the operation of the hardware.

These tests can also be used, in an automated fashion, for software intended to mimic the behavior of PS2 hardware.

Running tests on hardware

To execute a test on hardware, and to develop tests, the following is required:

  • A PS2 capable of running homebrew
  • ps2link.elf
  • Network connectivity to your PS2
  • A working ps2sdk setup

Individual tests can be run using a command like this:

./gentest.py cpu/ee/alu

This will automatically send the test to ps2link, and save its results to an expected file.

Creating tests

Tests can be created quite simply by including a Makefile template.

Pull requests are accepted. Please take care not to submit copyrighted material without proper licensing and permission.

Automating tests

Tests will either end in .elf or .irx. The latter are tests meant to be run on the IOP (R3000) processor, rather than the EE (R5900).

Tests will then send data to stdout. A test that has run accurately will produce the same data as contained in the .expected file. On Windows, take care to normalize newlines when making the comparison.


PS2 is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

These tests would not be possible without the work done in ps2sdk.