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Homebrew PS2 SDK
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 _____     ___ ____     ___ ____
  ____|   |    ____|   |        | |____|
 |     ___|   |____ ___|    ____| |    \    PS2DEV Open Source Project.
 Copyright 2001-2004, ps2dev -
 All rights reserved.


PS2SDK is a collecction of Open Source libraries used for developing
applications on Sony's PlayStation 2(PS2). ps2sdk contains the work
from a number of PS2 projects which are now buildable in a single
source tree.  Review the history section for how ps2sdk came about.

At the time of writing PS2SDK includes the following libraries and
features, allowing:

 - Access to PS2 internal OS functions.
 - Access to PS2 control pad and multitap.
 - Access to PS2 memory card.
 - Access to USB mouse and keyboard.
 - TCPIP stack & DNS resolution compatible with PS2 Ethernet Adapter.
 - Full PS2 compatible Hard Disk Drive file system.
 - Access to CD and DVD.
 - Mini optimised C library for most string operations.
 - Access to sound library on all PS2 using (freesd).
 - HTTP client file system.
 - Network File System to load files from HOST pc.

The SDK is not yet considered complete, with the largest gap being
that it does not currently contain a USB driver.

The SDK does not contain a graphics library.  PS2 graphics is a
complex area with a large number of solutions using EE, VU0, VU1.
In the future a basic graphics library will be included.

PS2SDK has been developed by a large number of individuals who have
provided their time and effort.  The AUTHORS file includes this list.

PS2SDK is licensed under the Academic Free License version 2.0.  This
is a very liberal license and allows both commercial and non-commercial
usage of the SDK.  Please read the LICENSE file for full details.

More information can be found at

 Binary Installation

ps2sdk today provides a large number of the basic software libraries
required to access the underlying PS2 system. As the PS2 has two
independant CPUs - the Emotion Engine(EE) and the IO Processor (IOP)
the source tree is split into two different major areas representing
the functions available on each processor.

A binary release of PS2SDK will include the following directories.

sdk/ee/include		- EE include files.
sdk/ee/lib		- EE library files.
sdk/ee/startup		- Example crt0.o and linkfile.
sdk/iop/include		- IOP include files.
sdk/iop/irx		- IOP loadable modules.
sdk/common/include	- Common include files between EE and IOP.
sdk/samples		- Samples for both EE and IOP.
sdk/tools		- Tools used during development on host PC.

 Source Installation

ps2sdk source tree is considerably different from the binary or release
distribution.  You should only use the binary release when using ps2sdk
in your own projects.

The source tree is a built as a collection of seperate projects; each
with their own Make file.  The file Defs.make provides the basic
definitions required when building PS2SDK.  The two main variables
required are PS2SDKSRC which points to the source base directory, and
PS2SDK which points to the release directory.

The main make file has three targets:

 all/default - compile each of the projects in the tree.
 clean - clean the tree of files created during build.
 release - release the binaries to the target PS2SDK directory.

Each sub project has a tree structure which can include:

 src - source code
 include - include files which are exported
 samples - samples of using a project.  Can include multiple directories
 doc - documentation files to be exported.
 test - Unit Testing or other testing code.
 obj - created during build to store object files
 lib - created during build to store library files
 bin - created during build to store binary files

Please review the Makefiles to see how to create your own subproject
in the tree.

28th of May 2004: (Lukasz Bruun)
 printf and family will not work with floats if used together with
 -fshort-double compiler option, this is a compiler issue.


ps2sdk brings together a number of open source projects developed for
the Playstation 2.  These projects include ps2lib, ps2drv, libhdd,
ps2ip and ps2hid.  These projects are now all closed and have been
migrated to ps2sdk.

ps2lib was the first library to be released.  Created by Gustavo Scotti,
the library was released in Octover 2001.  Over the years a number of
people have contributed to provide the base functionality required to
access the internals of the PS2.  ps2lib has gone through a number of
versions and was last released as Version 2.1 in October 2003.

ps2drv was started by Marcus R. Brown to provide an area to look at
more of the internals of the IO Processor and related hardware.  It
was started in June 2003 and over the last year has grown considerably.
ps2drv is where the irx imports method was created used in ps2sdk.
ps2drv was last released as Version 1.1 in Febryary 2004.

ps2ip was started by David Ryan(Oobles) in late 2002 to provide a
TCP/IP stack for open source development. Over the last two years the
stack has improved and matured.  boman666 provided the last big
improvement to the design and his changes are used in PS2SDK.

libhdd was started by Nick Van Veen(Sjeep) in 2003 to provide a
Hard Disk Drive driver and file system that is compatible with the
commercial Sony HDD and other non-Sony HDDs.  The work was sponsored
by DMS3, and the resulting code kindly provided back to the ps2dev
community. The last release before ps2sdk was version 1.2 released
in February 2004.

ps2hid was started by Tyranid in October 2003 to provide USB mouse
and keyboard drivers compatible with the Sony USB Driver.

 Feedback & Questions

You can usually find the developers on EFnet in the channel #ps2dev. You
can also use the forums at, or optionally use
the CVS mailing list at

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