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MediaHub is a video/audio aggregator for educational institutions, and is currently running at http://mediahub.unl.edu/

##Reasons why MediaHub might be a good idea for your institution:

  • RSS Feeds for syndication to other sites (iTunes U)
  • iTunes and iTunes U Attributes included in RSS Feeds
  • Captioning integration with Amara Universal Subtitles
  • Support for multiple users and channels
  • Complete branding control, with no external advertisements
  • Local storage
  • HTML5 video and audio support
  • Caption support on all iOS devices
  • Integrates with enterprise authentication systems
  • Web Services and APIs, including XML, JSON, partial HTML views
  • Sample scripts for importing from existing RSS Feeds


1. Set up the initial configuration:

cp config.sample.php config.inc.php
cp www/sample.htaccess www/.htaccess

2. In config.inc.php be sure to:

  • Set UNL_MediaHub_Controller::$url to base absolute URL of the application, with a trailing slash
  • set UNL_MediaHub::$dsn to the proper DSN for the database. Format: mysql://username:password@localhost/database

3. In .htaccess be sure to:

Change RewriteBase / to the correct path. If mediahub is accessed from example.com, the path would be /. If it is accessed from example.com/mediahub/www/ the path would be /mediahub/www/.

4. Run composer install

From commandline, run the following command: composer install to download and install packages used by mediahub

5. Run the update script

From commandline, run php upgrade.php to initialize the database. Run this command whenever the application is updated.

6. Initialize upload directories

Create the www/uploads/tmp directory if it does not already exist.

Assign proper permissions to allow the web server to write to those directories. For development, the following commands should be fine.

chmod 777 www/uploads
chmod 777 www/uploads/tmp

7. Install the WDN framework

Install the wdn directory to www/wdn for the latest include files. This can be done with a symlink like ln -s /abolute-path-to-wdn-dir www/wdn


  • PHP 5, 7
  • PDO Mysql
  • mediainfo system package. This can be installed with brew install mediainfo or a similar command

###Testing: Once installed, run this command from the project root:

php vendor/bin/phpunit --bootstrap tests/init.php tests

##Cache-busting Versioning is handled with git, so the application MUST be checkout out with git for this to work

To update the version cache (which is used for cachebusting) run php scripts/update_version.php

To automate this, git hooks can be used. symlink the sample file update-version.sh From the directory .git/hooks run the following ln -s ../../update-version.sh post-checkout You may even want to have it triggered after post-merge (git pull) ln -s ../../update-version.sh post-merge