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A simple, responsive theme ported from Wordpress by iMuFeng. Repo of wordpress version: Kunkka(Already deleted). You can visit his site to see what this theme looks like.


In your hexo directory, execute:

git clone https://github.com/unnamed42/hexo-theme-kunkka themes/kunkka
npm install hexo-renderer-ejs hexo-renderer-stylus --save

Then modify theme entry in the global _config.yml.

theme: kunkka

Then regenerate your blog:

hexo clean && hexo g


Currently all style designs are based on html generated by hexo-renderer-markdown-it. If you use the default hexo-renderer-marked, the styles may break.

I strongly recommend you using hexo-all-minifier to minify all html and scripts, to reduce your site's loading time.





favicon: false

  - title: 归档
    url: archives/index.html
    icon: fa-archive
  - title: 关于
    url: about/index.html
    icon: fa-user

  - "**Notice** one"
  - "~~Notice~~ two"

# Register at https://disqus.com/api/applications to get disqus_api_key
# Use the API Key, not the API Secret

search: true

busuanzi: true

tag_number: 25
full_content: false

# Provided colors: red, green, blue, purple
color_theme: blue

mathjax: true

# Available: by | by-nc | by-nc-nd | by-nc-sa | by-nd | by-sa | zero | copyright
# Any other words are valid but do not have a special style
license: by-sa

  collapse: false


  base: true
  border: false
  borderless: false
  raised: false
  3d: false
  glowing: false
  dropdown: false
  group: false
  wrapper: false
  shadow: false

  - title: Friend1
    url: https://www.friend1.com
    description: My only friend
  • keywords - Keywords to sum up your site, should be delimited by comma. It will help search engines better find your site.
  • since - Year when your site established. Used for footer license message generation.
  • logo - Logo image displayed at left-top corner, a 102x30 image is recommended. If not set, we shall use a styled text as a logo.
  • favicon - Icon of your site. Set to true to use it, but put an icon favicon.ico in [path_to_blog]/source folder first.
  • nav - Add extra entries to your navbar. url should be a relative link, and icon must exist in FontAwesome.
  • notice - Add a global notice bar to your blog, one string per line, and you can use markdown syntax. If you don't want any notices, just leave it empty.
  • disqus_shortname - Disqus shortname of yours.
  • disqus_api_key - Disqus API Key of yours, you need to register to get it. To use the recent posts widget for disqus, this entry must be set.
  • search - A jQuery-based Local Search Engine for Hexo. Requires hexo-generator-search installed.
  • busuanzi - Enable the busuanzi visit count when set to true.
  • tag_number - Set the maximum number of tags displayed in navigation area.
  • full_content - Display the whole post content in preview page when set to true.
  • color_theme - Determines the color of nearly all anchors. If empty, will use a default color instead.
  • mathjax - Enables MathJax support.
  • creative_commons - The Creative Commons icon. When disabled, the footer license will be copyright.
  • toc - collapse - Set to false if you don't want to hide toc of contents not displayed currently.
  • sns - SNS links. Fill in your personal informations and you will see the links inside the footer. Currently, you can not add extra entries.
  • buttons - Some beautiful button styles. For each entry, set to true if you want the corresponding style, but base should be enabled to use them. For any problems about usage, please visit their site this or this.
  • links - Links to your friends.


Post thumbnail

To add a thumbnail picture to your post in index page, simply add an entry named thumbnail in the corresponding post's front-matter. For example:

thumbnail: "http://domaingang.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/example.png"

Or refer to an image inside your own server:

thumbnail: "/img/example.png"

The thumbnail picture will NOT be displayed in your post page.

SNS Label


{% sns [icon] [text] [url] %}

icon must exist in FontAwesome. The third argument url is optional, it will make the whole element clickable.

You can use this in your posts and pages.

Search page

We have an isolated page used for showing search results. Our search engine is A jQuery-based Local Search Engine for Hexo. To use this, install dependency first:

npm install hexo-generator-search --save

have it configured, then set search in theme config to true.

Scripts on demand

Only required scripts are generated. You no longer need to upload lots of scripts desinged for other situations, which you don't need.


To use footnote, you have to switch your markdown renderer to hexo-renderer-markdown-it, and enable the markdown-it-footnote plugin first.

We have made a special style for footnotes, just for you to enjoy.