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Defunct as of June 2019 - due to Facebook's technological changes

In June 2019, Facebook killed Graph Search as it was. So this is just kept around because I can't be bothered to erase it.

The only (sort of) replacement for operating parts of the Graph Search engine ("Unicorn") is Sowdust's fbsearch code.

An open-source collection of information on Facebook's Graph Search - what it is, how to use it, what to keep in mind.

This Github project consists of

  • the wiki - info pages about Graph Search and the commands I know so far
  • a folder containing challenges, i.e. little search tasks ordered by difficulty (tbd)
  • a folder containing unsolved questions concerning graph search (tbd)

This is an expanding cache of information. As always with Github, you can download everything, modify it, and push your changes to the repository so I can merge them. Everything is stored in Markdown Language files (file extension .md), text files with simple formatting. You can open them with any text editor like Windows' Notepad, even if it cannot display the formatting. If you have no idea what that means: don't panic, it's extremely simple. A Markdown Language cheat sheet can be found here.

Links to my sources and inspirations:

Started by @JanEggers. Information collected here is free, explanatory texts are under a CC-BY license.


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