The unofficial Official FirmWare, a complete latest PSP firmware reverse engineering project
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TshOmega Updated SceCtrlData and SceCtrlDataExt
Updated SceCtrlData and SceCtrlDataExt structs with inputs for DS3 controller
Latest commit f099b78 Sep 24, 2017

uOFW Build Status

This project aims to reverse engineer the basic PSP kernel to provide a free and open source vanilla firmware. You can see the current progress at the Current Modules Status wiki page.



You can run components of uOFW by following the directions at uofw/uofwinst.


This project is far from complete. We welcome everyone to help us.

To get started, please read the wiki. It contains the necessary information to contribute to uOFW.


This project is licensed under the MIT license. It includes code from the PSPSDK which is licensed under the BSD license. For more copyright and license information, see COPYING.

Questions or need help?

You can chat with us the following ways: