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No Longer Actively Maintained

Upmin Admin is no longer under active development. We recommend that you check out Administrate if you are in need of an admin framework. It is created by the people at thoughtbot.

Upmin Admin

Gem Version

Upmin Admin is a framework for creating powerful Ruby on Rails admin backends with minimal effort. Upmin currently supports Rails 3.2, 4.0, 4.1 & 4.2.

Demo Applications

There is a demo application you can test out here: store_demo.

If you do choose to use the store_demo, please follow the directions in the README to ensure you have seed data to work with.

You can also generate a starter application using Rails Composer that sets up Devise, role-based authorization, and upmin-admin. See Upmin Admin Interface in Rails Composer.


Installing upmin-admin is incredibly easy. Simple add the gem to your Gemfile:

gem 'upmin-admin'

Then run the generator:

rails g upmin:install

This mounts the engine in your routes.rb file:

mount Upmin::Engine => '/admin'

And adds a configuration file at config/initializers/upmin.rb

If you already have routes pointing to /admin you can use any path you want, for example you could use the following instead:

mount Upmin::Engine => '/ice-ice-baby'

And you would access your admin page at localhost:3000/ice-ice-baby or

If you prefer not to use the generator, simply add the route, and optionally the config file as documented in the wiki.


For further documentation, please visit our Wiki. The docs there are far from complete, but we are actively updating them. If you have any trouble or can't find the documentation to do something please create an issue and contribute to the docs where you can.

Going Forward

Upmin Admin is new. It has been live for less than a few months, so there are going to be things missing. If you want to make it better, get involved and create issues when you find bugs or want new features, and contribute with pull requests.

The major features that are being worked on now are:

  1. Mongoid support
  2. Fixing bugs as we find them
  3. Adding widgets
  4. Implementing the dashboard

Support & Feedback

We are always looking for feedback and suggestions. We prefer that you create a GitHub issue, but you can use any of the following to contact us:

Email -

Twitter - @UpminSupport

GitHub - Create an Issue

Please note that this is an open source project, and we can't always respond immediately, but we do try to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours and are usually much faster to respond.


Framework for creating powerful admin backends with minimal effort in Ruby on Rails.




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