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Learn JavaScript and React the right way with fun, easy to follow tutorials.

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  1. modali modali Public

    A delightful modal dialog component for React, built from the ground up to support React Hooks.

    JavaScript 208 26

  2. react-chrome-extension react-chrome-extension Public

    Boilerplate code to build a Chrome extension in React

    JavaScript 165 52

  3. custom-react-hooks-form-validation custom-react-hooks-form-validation Public

    Form Validation Using Custom React Hooks

    JavaScript 162 81

  4. react-use-context-hook react-use-context-hook Public

    Learn how to use the useContext Hook by building a music player.

    JavaScript 132 49

  5. react-hooks-infinite-scroll react-hooks-infinite-scroll Public

    An example Infinite Scroll component, built using React Hooks

    JavaScript 122 50

  6. custom-react-hooks-forms custom-react-hooks-forms Public

    Using Custom React Hooks to Simplify Forms

    JavaScript 17 7


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