OCN is a public redressal system and open police complain filing system on Ethereum Blockchain.
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Open Complain Network (OCN)

Open Complain Network

Platform used:

  1. Nodejs
  2. Truffle for development

How to Run:

  1. Starting Truffle Develop
  • cd src/truffle-contract
  • truffle develop
  • compile
  • migrate
  1. Starting lite server : in project root
  • npm start


The Open Complaint Network is a decentralized system for lodging complaints, both civil and criminal onto a network that uses block chain, engaging citizens and police personnel.

In case of a compaint, the citizen ought to register the complaint online that will reach all police accounts and the citizen shall not have to worry about jurisdictional issues, and neither will the policemen. The network will also help solve problems that transcend jurisdictional territories faster and with easy communication. The network is devised such that the citizens hold accounts through which they can file complaints, each police station has an account across the country and the administrator holds access and control.

The network allows for all complaints to be lodged, major or minor. A complaint automatically generates a registration, which the citizen can track over time and check the progress.

The access to all citizens allows for peer-to-peer helping network to file complaints and help each other solve problems. For eg. If A looses her Voter ID Card, and B reads the complaint on the blockchain and finds the card near him. A may choose to offer a reward for the same which in case of successful finding and transfer f lost items, shall be transferred to B's account through the same network. This is an innovative way to engage the citizens in helping one another and also helps take the pressure off the police by de-centralizing the process and allowing for greater vigilantism among the people themselves. This in the long run, shall help people be more aware of their surroundings, help each other and participate better in their societies.

Block Diagram