8. Plugins

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Every subfolder in plugins folder is separate plugin and can be easily activated/deactivated.


Since release 1.7.4, Plugin activation is set with database per each project. Management is easy with gisportal.

Available Plugins

1. StreetView

All of the code for StreetView was already part of EQWC, but with release 1.4 is made as separate plugin and still part of EQWC. This way loading of Google Maps for certain project is disabled if you deactivate StreetView and if you do not have any Google layers for that project.

2. Editor

Editor is commercial plugin which enables geometry and attributes editing of any PostGIS or Spatialite layer in published QGIS project. Suitable also for Field data collection and surveying using mobile client More information

3. SimpleAction

This is template plugin to create own buttons to fire specific actions, like open URL. Refer to description in /js/1_gui.js file.

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