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A list of Mastodon Instances, Described
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Described Instance List Tools

This is a set of tools for generating information, including descriptions, on every listed Mastodon instance, in various formats, like sqlite and html.


chmod +x && Look in the data/ directory for your generated files.


Oh wow, library errors? This is may be why. You need:

  • Python 3
  • pip3 install bs4 BeautifulSoup, for parsing HTML
  • pip3 install requests, for downloading websites without silly syntactic junk
  • pip3 install cheetah3, for generating html

The Scripts

Script Effect output file
tools/ downloads and generates .json database data/DescribedInstances.json
tools/ generates a markdown file from the .json database, above data/
tools/ generates two HTML files from .json file, above data/DescribedInstances.html
tools/ generates an sqlite database of the .json file, above data/DescribedInstances.sqlite generates all of the above data/*
tools/ delivers the json descripton for a single instance none


These tools are ad hoc kludges to get the job done only. This is a simple one-shot tool that you can run for 30 minutes to consume all the info out there. I may turn this into a more interruption-friendly database updater later.


To generate all files, simply:

chmod +x && ./

To generate each file individually:

cd tools
python3 ../data/DescribedInstances.json
# wait about 30 minutes for stuff to download
python3 ../data/DescribedInstances.json ../data/
python3 ../data/DescribedInstances.json ../data/DescribedInstances
python3 ../data/DescribedInstances.json ../data/DescribedInstances.sqlite

This is pretty much what the script does.

About This Instance

To see a json file describing an instance, try


This might be more useful than the monolithic approach above.


To test a smaller set of random instance data, set the TEST=1 environment variable, e.g.:

TEST=1 ./


cd tools/
TEST=1 python3 federation2json my_testdata.json

To update a previous .json file, skipping the instance list download from

JSON_FILE=data/DescribedInstances.json ./

Since you read this README all the way to the end, have a gift:


Play nice! Cheers.

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