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WhatWeb is cross-platform compatible and works in any Ruby 1.8.x environment including Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

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Please note that these packages may not be up to date.

WhatWeb is bundled with:

  • BackBox Linux (Ubuntu Lucid Flexible Penetration Testing Distribution)
  • BackTrack (The Default Penetration Testing Distribution)
  • Blackbuntu Linux (Ubuntu Penetration Testing Distribution)
  • PenToo (Gentoo Penetrating Testing Distribution)
  • Node Zero Linux (Ubuntu Penetration Testing Distribution)


Archangel Amael has written a quick guide to get Whatweb 0.4.2 going in Backtrack 4 has written a small guide on installing WhatWeb in Ubuntu

Install Ruby

If you are using Debian or Ubuntu Linux you can use apt.

sudo apt-get install ruby ruby-dev libopenssl-ruby

For a Fedora-based system you can use yum or dnf to install the dependencies.

sudo dnf -y install ruby ruby-dev rubygems

Optional, Recommended Dependencies

WhatWeb degrades gracefully when these dependencies aren't available. Gems are ruby libraries.


Provides JSON format logging.

sudo gem install json


Provides logging to Mongo databases.

sudo gem install bson
sudo gem install bson_ext
sudo gem install mongo


Language character set detection. This is required for converting results to UTF-8, a dependency of logging to MongoDB. This slows performance.

sudo gem install rchardet


If you have any trouble ask us for help.


  • WhatWeb is not compatible with Ruby 1.9.
  • Colored output is not supported in Windows.
  • Colour is designed for terminals with a black background