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Urban Airship Unity Plugin

A Unity plugin that integrates the iOS and Android Urban Airship SDK.


Contributing Code

We accept pull requests! If you would like to submit a pull request, please fill out and submit a Code Contribution Agreement (


  • Unity 5
  • iOS - Xcode 8+ for iOS
  • Android - Android SDK installed and updated (requires Android MinSdkVersion = 16)


Third Party Packages

  • Google Play Services Jar Resolver Library for Unity - Apache License


  1. Download the latest plugin
  2. Import Urban Airship unitypackage: In Unity, Assets -> Import Package -> Custom Package
  3. Configure Urban Airship: In Unity, Window -> Urban Airship -> Settings

An example script is provided in 'Scripts/UrbanAirshipBehaviour.cs'. Import into your app's scripts and attach it to a game object in each scene. The script shows a very basic integration with Urban Airship.

Manually Building the Plugin

To build the plugin from source, do the following:

  1. Install doxygen, Android SDK, Xcode, and Unity
  2. Build the plugin with ./gradlew clean build

Docs will be available in docs/build/html and a unitypackage will be created in build/. If an error occurs, the unity.log file is available in the build directory.


Enable Push Notifications in the project editor's Capabilities pane:

Alt text

To add support for iOS 10 notification attachments, you will need to create a notification service extension. Detailed steps can be found here.