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Urbit docs

These are the urbit docs as they appear on

We've found it helps to have a clone of the docs on hand in case experiences high traffic. Follow these steps to get these into your ship:


First, you'll need a running urbit. Follow our install instructions.

Local install

In your urbit's Dojo:

~your-urbit:dojo> |mount /=home=

You can now find your home desk at the path /path/to/your-urbit/home/.

In Unix, clone this repo somewhere and copy in the docs files to your urbit's mounted %home desk. You can run the following shell commands (replacing your urbit's home desk path as necessary):

$ git clone
$ cd ./docs/
$ cp -r ./docs* /path/to/your-urbit/home/web/

Your Clay filesystem should acknowledge the newly added files.

Lastly, make sure you're serving your home desk's web directory to the web by running the following Dojo command:

~your-urbit:dojo> |serve /=home=/web

Get started!

And now your docs are live! View them at:


If you're running multiple ships locally, your port number will be 8081, 8082, and so on. Check your Dojo output for the correct local port of your examples urbit, or view these at over DNS instead for live-network ships. You can also replace localhost with the IP of your instance, if you're running your urbit in the cloud.

Building the docs with |static

note These instructions are for use with the the static-site-dev branch of Arvo.

Arvo comes with a built-in static site generator, which is very useful for exporting sites and pages built with udon, sail, html, markdown or some combination of these. Combinations like these docs that you're reading!

In order to build the docs into a static site, do the following.

Make sure that you've mounted your ship to your filesystem, but running the following in your Dojo.

~ship:dojo>|mount /===

Then, copy these docs into the pier of a booted ship. It is very important that copy the docs into the exact directory indicated in your pier.

$ cp -r . /home/web/static-site

Now, run the static site generator on your urbit ship.


You can now navigate to the output director and run a webserver to view your built docs.

$ cd /.urb/put/web/static-site $ python -m SimpleHTTPServer

Visit localhost:8000 to see the built docs. Rerun |static to build docs and see changes.

Contributing / Feedback

Give us feedback on how we can make the docs better. Let us know about your ideas, requests, and/or problems and we'll try and get back to you quickly. Issues and pull requests are more than welcome.