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Do-It-Yourself Rock Tumbler

A simple Rock Tumbler I built from scratch in just a few hours.

For more information read the blog post: Improvising Hardware: DiY Rotary Rock Tumbler

DiY Rock Tumbler

Bill of Materials

Name Quantity Unit Price Link Comment
Bipolar 1.7A 2.8V NEMA-17 Stepper Motor 1 $16.95 Pololu or AliExpress
DRV8825 Motor Driver 1 $8.95 Pololu or AliExpress
Pixl.js Espruino Board 1 $44.95 Espruino or AdaFruit
KY-003 Hall Magnetic Sensor Module 1 $0.82 AliExpress
A small magnet 1
28.8cm M4 Threaded Rod 2 - Different length possible
M4 Nut 18
M3x10 Screw 12
M3x8 Screw 1
M3 Nut 9
M3 Washer 16
M2x16 Screw 2
M2 Nut 6
624ZZ Bearing 8
Small Plastic Jar 1
Small Plywood Board 1

You can replace the Pixl.js with a Arduino, though the built-in display make it really nice.

You also need to print 1 of each of these parts:

  • motor-mount.scad
  • motor-hub.scad - You may need to change the diameter variable to match the inner diameter of your Jar's cap (it can also be smaller)


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