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The highly customizable and versatile GraphQL client with which you add on features like normalized caching as you grow.


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A highly customisable and versatile GraphQL client

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✨ Features

urql is a GraphQL client that exposes a set of helpers for several frameworks. It's built to be highly customisable and versatile so you can take it from getting started with your first GraphQL project all the way to building complex apps and experimenting with GraphQL clients.

📃 For more information, check out the docs.

The Guild
The Guild

🙌 Contributing

The urql project was founded by Formidable and is actively developed by the urql GraphQL team.

If you'd like to get involved, check out our Contributor's guide.

All new releases and updates are listed on GitHub with full changelogs. Each package in this repository further contains an independent file with the historical changelog, for instance, here’s @urql/core’s changelog.

If you’re upgrading to v4, check out our migration guide, posted as an issue.

New releases are prepared using changesets, which are changelog entries added to each PR, and we have “Version Packages” PRs that once merged will release new versions of urql packages. You can use @canary releases from npm if you’d like to get a preview of the merged changes.

The documentation contains everything you need to know about urql, and contains several sections in order of importance when you first get started:

Furthermore, all APIs and packages are self-documented using TSDocs. If you’re using a language server for TypeScript, the documentation for each API should pop up in your editor when hovering urql’s code and APIs.

You can find the raw markdown files inside this repository's docs folder.