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This project is in the very early stages (alpha), it should be assumed that it is currently non-functional. In fact, there are many occasions on which git head doesn't even compile.

To keep up to date with the project you can join the mailing list at or join us on IRC (#usbproxy on Freenode). Build


sudo apt-get install build-essential cmake


mkdir src/build
cd src/build
cmake ..
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig

If you want to try out the PCAP logger you will need to install libPCAP headers:

sudo apt-get install libpcap-dev

Running the tool

The best way to get started with USBProxy is by trying it out. Connect a device to your single board computer and connect it to a target host system. Then try running the following to view packets in real time as they are sent between your device and host.

usb-mitm -l

If you have a USB keyboard, try running the following to act as a keylogger:

usb-mitm -k


A USB man in the middle device using embedded Linux devices with on the go controllers.


Other USB sniffers exist, but I really like cheap ARM Linux hardware platforms and I wanted to tinker with the USB device side. There was also an article on Hack a Day about sniffing USB with the BeagleBoard-xM, but on further inspection, it would only build against a relatively old kernel version.


  • Support alternative chipsets - gadgetfs should take care of this (ish)
  • Clean up code - check return values, etc


Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all code in this repository is released under the GPL v2 license, a copy of which can be found in the LICENSE file. All files that are released under a different license contain a copy of that license in the file.


Q. I need support!

A. Me too buddy, me too. Let's hug it out. Your best chance of getting support is to contact me on IRC (#USBProxy on, raise an issue on GitHub or join the mailing list (

Q. How is this different to using usbmon on the host?

A. It isn't. Although there are situations where you may not be able to access the code running on the host system; for example, when reverse engineering USB devices for use with closed platforms.

Q. Isn't the Beagle already a USB monitor?

A. Initially the BeagleBone Black was intended target device for this software, but almost any Linux host with both a device and host port will do. The Total Phase Beagle USB monitors are excellent devices for sniffing and debugging USB connections, in fact, one was used by "AlexP" to reverse engineer the Microsoft Kinect. However, they are completely unrelated to the BeagleBone Black devices produced by TI, which are open source single board computer systems.