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USB Hacking Tools

A set of USB hacking tools from @greatscottgadgets and co. See also @hacking-usb for educational materials..

Popular repositories

  1. modern FaceDancer core for multiple devices-- including GreatFET

    Python 461 70

  2. A proxy for USB devices, libUSB and gadgetFS - this project is unmaintained, try here:

    C++ 378 88

  3. ViewSB Public

    open-source USB analyzer toolkit with support for a variety of capture hardware

    Python 226 41

  4. python library providing utilities, data structures, constants, parsers, and tools for working with USB data

    Python 25 15

  5. Typed pure Python library to parse HID report descriptors

    Python 17 5

  6. standalone python host-side module to talk to OpenVizsla devices; based on LibOV

    C 15 3


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