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The Lagoon logo is a blue hexagon split in two pieces with an L-shaped cut

Lagoon Base Images

This repository contains Dockerfiles related to Lagoon.

This repository was created with git filter-repo from the main Lagoon repository, in order to preserve commit history.


These dockerfiles are used to create the base images for consumption in Docker Compose based projects.

The images used to build Lagoon itself are stored in the Lagoon repository, and are built separately.

Experimental images

From time to time, the Lagoon team may release images that are not suitable for use in production, but are ready for testing.

These images will be available from the testlagoon organization on dockerhub, and be tagged with an :experimental tag instead of :latest

The release notes will outline the status of experimental images


Branch/fork and add/edit a Dockerfile in the images/ directory.


This project utilises a Makefile to build images.

Once you have made a modification to a base image, follow these steps to rebuild the images, start a local Lagoon stack from tagged images, and run the predefined tests through a local Kubernetes stack.

make build


Currently, all testing is performed on Jenkins, which involves cloning the example projects from, generating the built-in test suites from those projects, and replacing the image references with the freshly built lagoon-images

We are working on a locally-runnable set of tests to simplify the process further.