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@lcharette lcharette released this Feb 28, 2019 · 4 commits to develop since this release

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  • sprinkle:list bakery command
  • NoCache middleware to prevent caching of routes with dynamic content
  • Sample test environment for Docker
  • Added validateMigrationDependencies helper method to BaseSeed
  • Greek locale (Thanks @lenasterg!; [#940])


  • Sprinkle list in the bakery debug command to uses the new sprinkle:list table
  • routerCacheFile config now only contains filename. Locator is used to find the full path
  • Updated Docker integration
  • Moved some constants from app/defines.php to app/sprinkles/core/defines.php
  • Move route initialization from system to core sprinkle as router service is located in the core sprinkle


  • Fix for Test Bakery command
    • Added coverage-format and coverage-path options to test Bakery command
    • Sprinkle Testscope is now case insensitive
    • Class testscope now relative to / instead of /UserFrosting/Sprinkle/ for more intuitive usage and to enable testing of non sprinkle tests
    • Detect and use the sprinkle phpunit.xml config when testing a specific sprinkle
  • SprinkleManager Improvements :
    • Added public getSprinklePath method to get path to the sprinkle directory
    • Added public getSprinkleClassNamespace method to get sprinkle base namespace
    • Added public getSprinkle method. Returns the sprinkle name as formatted in sprinkles.json file, independent of the case of the search argument.
    • Public isAvailable method now case insensitive.
    • Added public getSprinklesPath & setSprinklesPath to return or set the path to the sprinkle dir (app/sprinkles/)
    • Added JsonException if sprinkles.json doesn't contain valid json.
    • Added specific tests for sprinkleManager with 100% test coverage
  • Ignore existing package-lock.json which caused incorrect dependencies to be installed when upgrading from older versions of UserFrosting.
  • Vendor assets not found in production mode
  • Various Docker specific edge cases and misconfigurations
  • Fix path issue on Windows
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