United States Legislative Markup (USLM) XML Schema
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USLM Schema

In support of the United States Legislative Branch XML Working Group and in accordance with 2 U.S.C. 181, the Government Publishing Office (GPO) is making the United States Legislative Markup (USLM) XML schema available as an authoritative source on GitHub.


The current version of the schema is in the master branch. If there are any proposed changes to the schema, the changes will be in a proposed branch. A major.minor.point structure is used to identify the version, and the version is recorded as an attribute at the root level. The point number is incremented to indicate a non-breaking change while the minor number is incremented to indicate a breaking change. Breaking changes will only be implemented after all other options have been exhausted. Please refer to CHANGELOG.md for a summary of proposed and approved changes.

User Guide

Please refer to the User Guide in PDF or Markdown for additional information about the schema.