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  • v2.9.0
  • 6246a6a
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  • v2.9.0
  • 6246a6a
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@thisisdano thisisdano released this Sep 22, 2020

What’s new in USWDS 2.9.0

New components

We have three new components in this release. Learn more about each of them on our website:

  • Identifier: The identifier communicates a site's parent agency and displays agency links required by federal laws and policies.
  • Step indicator: A step indicator updates users on their progress through a multi-step process.
  • Time picker: A time picker helps users select a specific time.

Improvements and bug fixes

Added flex-align-self utilities. Now you can apply the align-self property to an element using flex-align-self utilities. The align-self rule is conceptually similar to flex-align, except align-self applies at the flex child level instead of the flex parent level. Thanks @taylorsolomon! (#3588)

  • flex-align-self-start: align element at the start of the parent's cross axis
  • flex-align-self-middle: align element in the middle of the parent's cross axis
  • flex-align-self-end: align element at the end of the parent's cross axis
  • flex-align-self-stretch: stretch across the full extent of the parent's cross axis

Added an accent-warm button variant. Now you can use accent-warm buttons with usa-button--accent-warm. (#3623)

Generating SHA-256 hashes for our ZIP releases. We're now generating a SHA-256 hash with the ZIP download and documenting this hash in our repo and on our website. Anyone can now check the integrity of a release ZIP file by generating a hash for their local file and comparing it to the hash we post in the github repo and on our site. (#3577)

Proper disabled radio buttons. We fixed the display of disabled radio buttons so both the label and radio button both appear disabled. Thanks @brayfe! (#3613)

Proper secondary button active state. We fixed the active state of the secondary color button. Thanks @maya! (#3615)

Improved styling of lists inside alerts. We improved the styling of simple and complex lists inside alerts. (#3507)

More consistent styling of legend element. We improved the styling of the usa-legend element to better match other labels in a form, and improved the spacing between legends and both radio buttons and checkboxes. We added a usa-label--large variant to mimic the older, less consistent styling for backward compatibility. (#3465)

Dependencies and security

package old new
@babel/preset-env 7.11.0 7.11.5
@types/node 14.0.27 14.11.1
axe-core 4.0.1 4.0.2
eslint 7.6.0 7.9.0
mocha 8.1.1 8.1.3
prettier 2.1.1 2.1.2
sass 1.26.10 1.26.11
stylelint 13.6.1 13.7.1
typescript 3.9.7 4.0.3
yargs 15.4.1 16.0.3

0 vulnerabilities in regular dependencies (dependencies for USWDS projects installed with npm install uswds)
3 low, 2 high vulnerabilities in devDependencies (development dependencies)

Release ZIP SHA-256 hash: 4b3928e5a292ee4a2ac0b1a5106c179c4cfadd9355e56f5fb6b8e6e1954cfdb2

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