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The University of Texas at Austin's Computational Linguistics Lab

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  1. applied-nlp applied-nlp Public

    Course repository for Applied Natural Language Processing

    Scala 124 54

  2. textgrounder textgrounder Public

    A system for connecting language to space and time.

    Scala 63 15

  3. tshrdlu tshrdlu Public

    Code for project for Applied NLP class.

    Scala 44 19

  4. OpenNLP-Models OpenNLP-Models Public

    A project for code to create models from existing corpora and distribute models.

    Perl 42 9

  5. Scalabha Scalabha Public

    Scala utilities for teaching computational linguistics and prototyping algorithms.

    Scala 42 10

  6. fieldspring fieldspring Public

    A system for disambiguating toponyms (placenames) given textual context and creating visualizations of the locations referenced in a given text or corpus.

    Scala 19 9


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