Assets 2

Changes since last release:

  • Adjusted dash patterns to get (hopefully) perfect dots for all pen cap styles
  • Added a new map mode style wxPDF_MAPMODESTYLE_PDFFONTSCALE
  • Added support for justified text alignment when using Unicode fonts
  • Added border width and colour attributes to XML table output
  • Added speed up for text drawing in wxPdfDC class
  • Added multiline text support for wxPdfDC::DoDrawRotatedText
  • Added text background color support for wxPdfDC::DoDrawText and wxPdfDC::DoDrawRotatedText

Fixed bugs:

  • Fixed a bug when using a protected/encrypted external template
  • Fixed an issue on failing to load an image from simple XML due to missing mimetype
  • Fixed an issue on parsing the document information of an existing PDF document
  • Fixed a wxPdfParser issue with "startxref" not found
  • Fixed a crash on importing a completely empty page
  • Fixed a problem with empty content streams on import
  • Fixed several glitches in XML support
  • Fixed issue using wrong pen on drawing splines in method wxPdfDC::DoDrawSpline
  • Fixed issues in wxPdfDC class by taking transparency of pen and brush into account