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A chess game built with Eclipse RCP.


Development Walkthrough

Check out this YouTube playlist to see how this app has been built step by step.


  • Double-click on a piece you control. This highlights the squares that the piece is allowed to move.
  • Left-click one of the highlighted squares to move the selected piece. Now it's the AI's turn.
  • Wait until the AI makes a move for a few seconds.

AI Player

  • Makes its moves according to the alpha-beta pruning algorithm reinforced with iterative deepening.
  • Has a fixed amount of time to make a move each turn.
  • Starts with a search depth of 5. Constantly increments the depth and restarts the search as long as there is time remaining.
  • Remembers the best move it found on the previous search. If time runs out during the current search, makes that move immediately.