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Air Quality Monitor

A Next.js project bootstrapped with create-next-app.

AQM is a single-page web application to display live air quality monitoring data of a few cities in India.


I built this project as an assignment for a job interview. Did I get it?
Yes, I got the interview 😉 and guess what?! I got the job 🤓


Click here to see the initial wireframe.

The below images are linked to full size images :)

Technologies Used

Built with

  • ReactJS + NextJs


Library Description
react-apexcharts Generate and show AQI history as line graph
clsx Easy naming classes
react-awesome-modal Show single city in a pop-up modal
react-time-ago Show time as text like few seconds ago
sass Easy writing css classes
websocket Connect and listen to city-ws web socket


Library Description
tailwind CSS utils library for quick designing


  • Real-time Updates
  • Simple UI
  • Fully responsive
  • Neat Graphs
  • Color based status
  • Download Graphs as PNG, SVG or CSV


First, run the development server:

npm run dev
# or
yarn dev

Open http://localhost:3000 with your browser to see the result.

Time Record

Total time: 9 h 49 m 30 s

A detailed list of how much time I spent on which task from most to least.

Task Time
Developing Frontend 3h 45 m 06 s
Creating History Chart 52 m 13 s
README 56 m 17 s
Draw Wire frames 35 m 22 s
Integrating Websocket 31 m 59 s
Deploy Hello World Program 17 m 49 s
Deploy Final App 13m 03 s
Initiate App + Repo 11 m 08 s
Installing SASS + Tailwind 9 m 16 s
Code Review 08 m 52 s
Algorithms Time
Merging New & Current List 49 m 34 s
Showing Live City in Modal 25 m 28 s
Updating Updated Time 22m 56 s
Storing AQI History 11 m 26 s
Select cities for comparison 10 m 06 s
Converting AQI Data 05 m 28 s
Limit History Items 03 m 27 s


  • wss:// - Websocket for Test here
  • Boosted - Helped me track my working time
  • NotiBu - Helped me add important notes in my notification panel


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