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This repository contains examples to use SVO 2.0 binaries in various configurations:

  • monocular
  • stereo
  • stereo/monocular + IMU
  • pinhole/fisheye/catadioptric cameras are supported

For detailed instructions, please refer to the documentation under rpg_svo_example/svo_ros/doc. We provide several launch files under rpg_svo_example/svo_ros/launch for different datasets, including the EuRoC datasets. These can be used as a reference for customization according to specific needs.

To use SVO 2.0 as a binary form, you need to request the binaries of SVO 2.0 from here. The binaries you get already include a copy of this repository, therefore they are self-contained.

This repository will also be used for the following purposes:

  • Keep track of the update of the binaries
  • Add new launch files and example code to use the binaries

If the binaries are updated, you can download the new version from the original links in the email you received.

ARM binaries: You can replace the file name in the download link with svo_binaries_1404_indigo_armhf.zip to get the link for the armhf binaries.

If you have any problem regarding using SVO 2.0 binaries, you can either start an issue or contact Zichao Zhang (zzhang AT ifi DOT uzh DOT ch).

Binaries changelog

22.01.2018 Update 16.04 binaries to OpenCV 3.3.1

29.09.2017 Add binaries for armhf (14.04 + indigo)

17.07.2017 Initial Release